10 pro tips for creating better T-shirt designs

10 pro tips for creating better T-shirt designs

T shirt designing can be complex as well fun way to give your daily life some colors and radiance of it own. You can be from any walk of life be it an architect, a designer, or a simple illustrator. Making designs on T-shirts is that diverse of a procedure that someone mainly who is starting a business or relatable work will have to work on it one way or another.

At the same time designing a T-shirt can sound as a very difficult task. It is relatively in human nature that when they see some complex elements they get startled as to how to do that and that like a vigorous process. However, keeping these elements in view and understanding that this process can come as alarming to at least those who are new to the field we are here to present the best tips for T shirt designs that will get you not only going but make you experienced enough to get that design just right.

Let us start by exploring our Top 10 Tips for T shirt designs. By the end of this article all concerning aspects in terms of good T shirt designs would be crystal clear to you would be able to make your best T shirt design.

  1. Conception

Perhaps the most important criteria in any type of designing revolves around the main idea of it. Same would be the case in designing a successful T Shirt. The most important in terms of designing a T Shirt is picturing what you want on it. There are numerous ways that one can achieve this task.

  • Make sketches of your concept.
  • Explore what type of designing you want.
  • Make variations.
  • Brainstorming

The concept of T Shirt designing hardly is completed in one day, although if you have clear imagination, you might be able to pull it off as well. PUN INTENDED. Use these techniques to get your concept right and on point for a successful T Shirt Design.

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  1. Picturing the Design

The second most important aspect of T shirt Design in our list of Top 10 Tips for T-Shirt Design is also related to the core concept of it. Having the imagination and design concept that how might my design look on an actual T Shirt is very important. A design is no good if it does not end of fulfilling the basic criteria of T shirts both dimensionally as well as in an appealing sense to the general public about the T shirt Design Depiction of your idea and what type of message do you want to convey with it to everyone.

In the field of T shirt designing, it is very important to remember that what you may design on screen might not be as attractive as it might be on a T shirt, so it is very important to sample out and test your work. Examples of the areas that you need to work on in this Tip of Top 10 Tips of T shirt Design can include the dimensional aspect of the design, colors, background level of the t shirt as well as the general concept whether your message is being shown or not. You can either take a printout of the design and see it on a shirt or do it digitally on photos of models available online to test your T shirt Design for a successful T shirt Design.

  1. Detail

This tip is perhaps the backbone of your T shirt Design. What everyone at the end of the day is going to notice is what the actual design was on your T shirt. This rule should be strictly followed in terms of T shirt Designing that your design is what gets you the looks for it.

Having diverse T shirt Design ideas is adjacent to the fact that basic T shirt designing is a very diverse concept in itself to begin with. You have the choice to make lots of designs, with many colors and fonts etc. However, what matters is that you choose the right one and only the right one which matters in terms of your T shirt Design. Picture of graph of simplicity and decide on the fact that whether you require a simple design or more details. It is important to note that the design aspect of your T shirt Design is directly related to the concept of your T shirt Design as discussed above.

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Usually, the Simple designs are more appealing because of the fact the people it is in human nature to observe and take in simple and less time-consuming details. If your design is complex, there should be a justifiable reason for people to take their time to understand your design rather then just giving it a glimpse.

  1. Comedic

These days when we look at T shirt designs there are many which mainly intended for comedic purposes and humor. You may find some one the many successful T Shirt designs which have taken their inspiration from memes and a common joke which might be circulating on social media. You may find that many T shirt designs come from what is trending on twitter and in just a short notice there might be design in context to that trend on sale the very next day.

Keeping all this is view it is important that you may follow this T shirt Design tip from our Top 10 Tips for T shirt Design that focusing on the humor aspect of the design can be rather appealing to many people but at the same time you do not want to offend anyone. The last thing a designer wants is the design they made is trending as something offensive.

Also don not make cheap jokes, some basic dad jokes might be good but at the end it matters what part of humor are you exploring. Keep it Simple and attractive. Focus on the area of the humor for the T shirt design. A good and properly executed joke and turn heads a heartbeat.

  1. Colors

In terms of designs and general appeal to the vast public. It was much needed that you choose the right colors for your design.

Colors is that aspect of any design as well as best T shirt designs which makes your design attractive and easier to understand. If you are using the right colors sometimes the detail does not even matter, only the colors are enough to make your design flourish as one of the best T Shirt Designs out there.

The use of complementary colors is to be encouraged when it comes to T shirt Designs. These colors are easy on the eye as well as attractive. They make it easier to understand and they fit in just right with the designs. Try to select Global Colors options in your designing software. This is perhaps a time saver that many designing software for T shirt Design may have pre-loaded selected colors you.
Also, it is important to note that in context to colors there are 2 areas which might concern you. First being the attractive and the right color for your design as discussed above as well as the printing aspect of your T shirt Design. You need to have ink and printer friendly colors.  
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  1. Culture

Keeping in lines with the culture of your market is something to be considered when it comes to the best T Shirt designs and successful T Shirt designs. Th reason we have included this Tip in our Top 10 Tips for T shirt designs is quite simply because of the fact that if your design is culturally acceptable and in lines with that market then would obviously be not easier to understand but more appealing as well. For example, if your T shirt design ends up in a language not even culturally related in any way, most people might just take it as a design but hardly anyone would be able to understand it.

So, it is significantly important to have your design culturally updated as well. In order to send of message with your good T shirt design you need to have design which people can understand. This would help you achieving your goal for a successful T shirt Design.

Exploring vintage and past sold T shirt designs can someone help in recreating the same path for your best T shirt design. Have a good understanding of the historical aspect of T shirt Designs in order to put your T shirt design as successful in history as well.

  1. Market

In your extensive list of tips for your Top 10 tips for T Shirt designs is perhaps from a business point of view very important and this really is an important one. In any type of business, one might come across this and if you don not, you might not know who you are doing this for.

This is the concept of establishing your market base. In order to sell your design and even make it in the first place you need to have a general sense for you T shirt Design for it to be a successful T shirt Design that who are you presenting it to. Having a clear idea of who your target audience is, and which type of market are you trying to step into is perhaps without a shadow of a doubt a very crucial area that one has to consider.

Let us take an example on a market can help you designing your T shirt as well as how to make your T shirt design successful. If your target audience is teenagers then you will have the idea that you need a type of design which would be appealing to teenagers. For example, Teenagers usually like trending designs and whatever is fresh on the trends on social media etc. Likewise, if your target audience is kids then you need to have someone kids friendly. Perhaps a design of some cartoons etc. which might be appealing to them. A kid might not want to get a T Shirt on which there are some serios quotes or artwork on it.