Top 10 Poster Fonts. Formal and Stylish

Top 10 Poster Fonts. Formal and Stylish

When one talks about creating a poster be it for an event, organization or simple advertisement, there can be numerous ideas. However, one thing which stands not just from a graphical point of view, but also psychological point of view is the way the poster is presented and that includes the writing style on the poster. To know the best poster font for your need is crucial to make an impact on people. A good poster font will always attract attention and the reader will be inclined to read the entire poster if a good and reasonable poster font is used which is very important for your promotion.

The most common questions asked when designing a poster range from a variety of concepts and these can include questions related to size of the poster, initial design of the poster, content, and colors to be used and at last the font of the text. We can understand that choosing from so many good fonts can be overwhelming and it truly can make a person indecisive. Therefore, in order to ease this ordeal, we are presenting our Top 10 Best Poster Fonts for your posters. This careful selection of best and cool poster fonts is presented after numerous and vast usage across many platforms. By the end of this article you would know just what you need. So, let us get started.

Selection Criteria

Before moving on to discussing best poster fonts and our top picks for cool and good-looking fonts for posters it is important to clear a few points for the reader. When it comes to selecting fonts, it is highly recommended that one has a clear idea of what the application is for that particular poster, flyer, and other printable media. This criterion can be selected by numerous ways out of which best for selecting a good poster font is knowing what field and area of industry the poster is going to represent and most importantly who is the target audience for that promotion. There are hundreds of poster fonts but only a few standouts however, only if they are used correctly.

We would recommend that you make some points like what am I promoting? who am I promoting it to? and how should it be promoted? Once you have these questions answered your journey to the section of the best font for your poster is going to be like walk in a park. We shall explain our top-rated best fonts for poster design and what areas to we recommend their usage for. A short example for this could be that if you are making invitations then you need a font which is stylish and stands out as invitation are usually short and there is not much to read.

  1. Coldiac
    This particular font is a fine example of elegance and prestige. This font is particularly recommended for invitation cards such as wedding invitations or simple party invitations but more towards being formal. It is very popular among typing experts and is regarded as one of the unique tastes in best fonts there can be for posters. The writing is much upscale and very easy to read as well as pleasing to the eye.
  2. Gilmer
    For the ones who look for a trendy look for their posters with a hint of freshness and radiant touch towards the entire poster. This font has geometric tradition to it. It is recommended to be mostly used for the body text of the poster. This font is regarded as one of the easiest to attract and read among graphic designers and is visible seen on many posters today. Among the cool fonts this font can be used on posters, flyers as well as other print material one might require.

  1. Lavenderia
    Among our top 10 best poster font picks now moving on to a bit calligraphical approach for the stylish and fashionable user. This font has an italic touch to it a and it is indeed beautifully written with alphabets written in beautiful calligraphical script yet readable with a just a fine glance. This font is particularly useful for the porpoises of logos, cosmetic advertisements, and other related work. Every single letter in this font has its own stylish curves.
  2. Originals
    For people looking for cool fonts for their promotions with a slight personal effect as if they themselves have written the poster with their hands. Originals is among one of the best and widely used best poster fonts. As by its name Originals it represents the original characteristics of an original handwritten text. This fun and quirky looking design is popular among t-shirt designs, advertisements, cafes etc. It is also very useful in terms of print media relating to schools and children. Use this font if you want to give a wholesome effect to your poster.

  1. League Gothic
    Transitioning from our previous top best poster fonts to a bit more subtle approach to promotions. We would highly recommend the usage of League Gothic. There are numerous reasons for the usage of this font, and they include its pure easy readability and its ability to adapt to a variety of poster designs and ranges. The roots of this font date back to all the way to 1903. Although its thing and tall yet it stands out among other fonts. One thing to be noted here that this font is not suited for in body text but more for headings.

  1. Helvetica
    Talking from a graphic designer’s approach, a very popular font for many years is Helvetica. The best perk for this font is that its free and its widely and readily available with most text editors. This font is suitable for posters with less text and more attention to imagery as with the tight spacings between alphabets, large paragraphs can be somewhat tiresome to read on a poster. This is indeed a very good poster font for less to the point details.


  1. Franklin Gothic

Perhaps the most common and widely used font of this era. Among our picks for best poster fonts, Franklin Gothic truly stands out as a font which has stood its ground for many years and is to be used for many years to come. This Font is considered the pinnacle of Sans Serif fonts. No discussion on fonts is complete without Franklin Gothic. One can talk about it for a long time however, we shall get to the point. This is a multiscale font which can be incorporated into pretty much every promotion or advertisement there is. If one cannot understand what to pick, just go with Franklin Gothic. This good font is most commonly used on pretty much all the billboards, posters, and a variety of printable adverts.

  1. Aleo
    If you are looking for a friendly looking and welcoming font then our top pick in the best fonts for posters category you may look no further then Aleo. Created by the much-regarded designer Alessio Lasio it is by far one of the coolest fonts and good-looking poster fonts till date. It combines italicized versions along with different font weights thus giving it a very multi-cultural vibe and resultantly making our poster truly stand out. One can perceive this font as a two in one characteristic type because on one side it incorporates a delicate and roundness touch and on the other hand it appears to be extremely welcoming and radiantly friendly. We recommend this font for both headings and in body texts mostly for casual themes. This type of font can be spotted in chill laid back places like a café.

  1. Glamor
    Moving in the second last font in our top picks for best poster fonts towards a more stylish approach yet again we see the much beautiful Glamor font. Created by the designer and artist Henrick Ronaldez, its modern looking style is perfect for a sweet personal touch in your posters, flyers, or other print media. It can be mostly seen in the fashion industry. Its decorative nature attracts the reader towards exploration of the product being promoted. We would recommend this cool looking font for purposes of style perceived adverts; however, it is not recommended for the usage in in text body as it can be difficult to read after a certain point.

  1. Equinox

Our last pick in the best top rated poster fonts category is fictional looking type font for the business mostly relating to media such as comics, video games and related industries due its unique perception of something out of this world. The script in itself is very easy to read with its thin letters that make it legible. The edges however have distinct characteristic which makes this cool font stand somewhere in between stylish and formal font. We recommend this font the usage in movie posters, science fiction documentaries and related media. It is important to note that Equinox font does not have lowercase letters thus reducing its range for usability however rest assured for areas which it is used have a very positive impact on the reader in terms of unique and good fonts.